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A tourist passing through Kruger National Park in South Africa expects to see the Big Five animals. That would include the Cape buffalo, leopard, elephant, lion, and the white/black rhinoceros. The tourists anticipate that these five creatures of the wild will be seen.

A similar but more intense expectation resonates within the hearts of pastors and laity to reach Indiana for Jesus. The Indiana Conference is promoting five initiatives which our pastors and laity expect to be seen and demonstrated. A Master Planning Committee of pastors and laity is working to develop clarity and action plans with the Big Five+ --- not creatures, but initiatives.

Our Indiana pastors prayed and studied together in May of 2015 at Timber Ridge Camp to lend direction to the conference in the next five years. The Big Five+ are major initiatives that resulted from our prayer and discussions together.

Would you please take notice of these Big Five+ and give us your feedback? Give us your recommendations for action plans to accompany the initiatives below. While we’re not expecting to go on a passive safari, it is our desire to participate with Hoosiers of all cultures with mutually agreed upon action plans. We covet the energy which the Holy Spirit offers to accomplish Jesus’ mission in Indiana.

Indiana Conference Big Five+ Strategic Plan for 2015-2020

Here are the five strategic goals the Indiana Conference will be focusing on for the next five years. Our mission is to reach Indiana and the world with distinctive, Christ-centered three angels’ messages which lead people to become fully-devoted disciples of Jesus.

1. Promote outreach and evangelism
2. Empower leadership among laity and conference employees
3. Foster A.C.E. (Adventist Christian Education)
4. Focus upon youth/young adult spiritual leadership development
5. Support our pastors and teachers
+. Prepare for General Conference 2020 in Indianapolis

The Indiana Conference Executive Committee established a Master Planning Committee in November to oversee and monitor progress on the five strategic goals. This committee welcomes feedback and input, so please send your thoughts and ideas to the Conference Office at:

Indiana Conference of Seventh-day Adventists (mailing address)
PO Box 5000
Westfield, IN 46074

Or call us at (317) 844-6201 or respond on our Contact page on website.

Sheri DeWitt

Executive  Administrative Assistant