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Victor and Pamela Reyes-Prieto

Pamela is a former teacher of secondary mathematics; she holds a bachelor’s degree in education with a concentration in mathematics and a master’s degree in education technology. She has had a significant impact on the lives of hundreds of high school students while gaining respect from school administrators by mentoring new teachers into the profession and training her colleagues in best pedagogical practices.  Pamela loves music and has performed as a chorister in the USA and Germany.  While in Germany she toured the Luther and Reformation sites and gained a greater appreciation for Protestantism.  She is an avid reader and loves the study of the Word of God. Pamela also enjoys working with young people and caring for the elderly.  She loves cats, puzzles, travelling, tennis and skiing.  Her life-long dream has been to serve God in a pastoral partnership; this dream began its fulfillment when she married Victor. Together they have led relational Bible study groups for several years; as a result many have had their faith renewed and others have given their lives to the Lord.  She is looking forward in faith to continue to enjoy the reciprocal blessings available to those who answer the call to lead young and old to Jesus Christ.

Victor and Pamela Reyes-Prieto are both educators and partners in pastoral ministry. 

Victor is an educator and has pastoral experience; he has a bachelor’s degree in theology, conservatory training in music, professional training in language acquisition and is currently completing a master’s degree in divinity.  He led a language program which was selected by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to serve as a model for charter schools in the state; as a result he was asked to train principals and educators in establishing language programs for their schools.  He is a classically trained guitarist who has performed throughout the USA.  Traveling the country has given him a clearer understanding of the challenging mission of the Adventist Church in spreading the Gospel.  Victor enjoys writing poetry, building computer systems, experimenting with audio recording and teaching guitar.  For recreation, he loves soccer, hockey, skiing, golf, camping and water activities.  On the spiritual side, Victor has a passion for promoting the Holy Scriptures as a fun and valuable book which contains the expressed will of God for humanity.   His dream is to return to full-time pastoral ministry, become an evangelist, inspire young and old to value family worship and group Bible study and to transform Sabbath School into an agency of outreach in preparation for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

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