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President's Note


President's Note

Operation Downpour Southside is to be filmed by award winning film maker, Martin Doblmeirer or his designee. The ADVENTISTS was written and directed by Martin Doblmeier. It ran on PBS for two years. In 1983 Martin Doblmeier, founded Journey Films and has produced 25 major documentaries. Speaking to him last week I learned they are coming to Indianapolis to make a three to five minute documentary for the General Conference because they have heard about Operation Downpour. They want the whole NAD to be energized by Indiana Adventist’s passion for Jesus. Of course… we hope that we have a good showing of interested Adventist participants. Please plan on coming to help us as God uses us beyond our wildest dreams.

Each time we have an Operation Downpour the Holy Spirit moves upon the communities, bringing new people to the local Adventist Churches! Please come help us go door-to-door handing out invitations and literature on Sabbath, October 20, 2:30 – 5:30 p.m. Pray for Revival and Reformation. Please invest three hours of your Sabbath afternoon to make an eternal difference?

Elder Van G. Hurst,