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Marti Schneider

Sister Marti Schneider is a church planting specialist.

With Jesus!

Monday — Walking with Jesus Today: An Exciting Approach to Personal Devotions
Have you struggled to have an ongoing, meaningful devotional life? Marti will share with you her own favorite way to build a relationship with God and His Son. She will invite you to walk with Jesus daily . . .

Tuesday — Talking with Jesus: Teach Us to Pray
Do you wonder what to say in a prayer? How can you pray for an hour a day? What difference do our prayers make? Learn how to pray in public . . . or in private. Most of all, learn how to pray so that God wants to hear you.

Wednesday — Forgiving . . . with Jesus: It’s to Die For
Forgive? What do I need to forgive? What if I don’t want to forgive? I can’t forgive! And if I forgive, what difference will it make to me? In this seminar Marti will offer you the simplest way to forgive and will give you steps for making it happen.

Thursday — Working with Jesus: Simply Be with People
You don’t know how to witness? How do you do it? . . . with a piece of literature? . . .wave at the neighbors? In this seminar you will see how Jesus did it and answer the question, How does that relate to my life today? You’ll learn practical ideas through the experiences of Don and Marti Schneider. You’ll ask God to give you His plan, then you’ll create your own action plan.

3:45 - 5:00 PM
Monday - Thursday in the Chapel  

Marti and her husband, Don Schneider, serve the Denver South Church where Don is the Senior Pastor. He has just retired after 46 years of service for the Seventh-day AdventistChurch in North America—most recently as its president. Marti, joins him in ministry there. 

Marti has served the church, retiring from the Office of Adventist Missions at the world headquarters where she served as Director for Projects—focusing on church planting and outreach. Both Marti and Don love Jesus and are eager for others to love Him, too. They have two adult children—Don Jr. and his wife, Dorothy, are physicians in Juneau, Alaska; and Carol is the principal of Vista Ridge Academy near Boulder, Colorado.