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Karen Lewis

Karen Lewis, from the Rocky Mountain Conference, is an author of Bible lessons that teach Bible doctrines from the position of Jesus. If you would like to know how to share your faith, her workshop will be a score for you!

Lifting Up Jesus!

Karen Lewis has been involved in Bible work for well over a decade. She has developed a relational approach to sharing Christ with others that is both easy and practical. As the author of “Lifting up Jesus,” a series of Bible lessons published by Color Press, she shows how
a Christ-centered and discipleship approach to Bible study draws and wins people to Christ in an amazing way. (See these lessons at Learn how these easy principles can help you begin to share with those around you immediately.

Karen is also a champion for Bible workers and has helped develop a website that connects Bible workers with churches and organizations looking for workers for evangelism at

2;15 - 3:30 PM
Monday - Friday in the Music Room