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My Loving Betty by Mark Eaton

Tribute to My Wife, Betty

My loving Betty, so faithful and true,
We set our sails together to ride the ocean blue.
So happy and confident were we,
The storms of life we did not foresee.
We sailed to distant, foreign lands
To learn new cultures, tribes and clans.
T’was the King’s command we did obey,
It was our delight and joy, in every way.
To Singapore, Guam and Indonesia too,
We gave our best, it was the least we could do.
The seas grew rough, the waves swelled high
It rocked our ship from side to side.
The timbers creaked, the mast did sway
It seemed all would be lost along the way.
But our love was strong and our ship did not break
The Lord answered our prayers for His name sake.
And now my Love, is our journey done?
Oh no!  How can it be, we’ve just begun!
With tear-filled eyes, I cannot see
The love you expressed so often for me.
Yes, with broken heart I say goodbye
Knowing that Jesus will come again in the sky.
To wake you up on that resurrection day
To health, to life, forever by my side, to stay.
--Mark Eaton