Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Indiana Conference Seventh-day Adventist Church


Background Screening Key Points for Schools

1. Anyone employed or volunteering regularly where they supervise children at a school
   must do the STV training, background check and driver’s screens, plus the fingerprinting.
   This would include anyone who substitute teaches in place of the employee or in other
   positions where they would supervise children regularly.

2. Those who are drivers only for your field trips must do the STV training, background check
   and driver’s screens, fingerprinting is not required for a driver only. (NOTE: Drivers should
   never drive with only one child or youth.)

3. Anyone going on any trips: Such as class trips, day trips, outdoor education, etc., whether
   they stay overnight or not, must also do the STV training and background check. IF they will
   be driving on these excursions they must also do the driver's screen. It is recommended to
   have all your volunteers on these trips have the drivers screen. We have not required that
   these individuals have their fingerprints done. However, it is recommended that they go
   ahead and complete the finger printing.

4. If a parent desires to take their own child(ren) on a school function, or have someone else's
   child(ren) ride with them and or have the parent of such ride also, they would STILL have to do
   the STV training, background check and drivers screen because it is a school sponsored
   function they are going on. If anything happened during this trip or function, the liability
   would ultimately be channeled backward to the school and conference for liability purposes.
   So yes, this is an insurance and liability issue at this point.

5. It is necessary to be very consistent with all personnel both employed and volunteers in
   enforcing this policy that is based on church policy and state law.