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Date: September 30, 2012



Cicero, IN— The Indiana Conference of Seventh-day Adventists held their quadrennial Constituency Meeting on Sunday, Sept. 30. Three hundred twenty-eight delegates attended, fulfilling the required two-thirds quorum by 155 percent. The constituency in attendance was comprised of 221 church delegates and 67 delegates-at-large.

All full-time administrators, directors and superintendent employed at the close of the previous term were reelected as follows: Van G. Hurst, Conference President; Mark Eaton, Secretary/Treasurer; Marvin Whitney, Superintendent of Education; Dr. Steve Poenitz, Ministerial Director; Gary Case, Religious Liberty, Stewardship and Trust Services Director; Charlie Thompson, Youth and Sabbath School Director.

A prayer of affirmation followed with a laying on of hands by delegates.

                   The re-elected Indiana Conference leadership team is affirmed: (from left)
Gary Case, Religious Liberty, Stewardship and Trust Services Director, with wife, Sandi; Mark Eaton, Secretary/Treasurer, with Betty; Van G. Hurst, Conference President, with Janell; Dr. Steve Poenitz, Ministerial Director, with Erney; Marvin Whitney, Superintendent of Education, with Sandi; and Charlie Thompson, Youth and Sabbath School Director, with Trish.

Three motions were made from the floor. The first was that “the Constitution and Bylaws Committee consider changing the Indiana Conference Constituency Meeting from a quadrennial session to a quinquennial meeting.” The second was that the, “Constitution and Bylaws Committee consider changing the number of church delegates from one delegate to represent every 25 members in a church to one delegate to represent every 40 members in a church.” The third motion, from the constituency was “to affirm and embrace the four pillars presented in Elder Hurst’s opening presentation.”

“I would like to vote that as a church it is our vision as well,” moved Throstur Thordarson, South Bend Church pastor.

The motion was put to an immediate vote and carried unanimously.

“The topic of Christ’s love and sacrifice on Calvary prompted Hoosier hearts for the final vote,” Hurst said. “The mission-focused Constituency Meeting affirms the Holy Spirit’s injunction to work the big cities as well as each district. This was demonstrated by the unanimous motion to endorse the four pillars of vision as the Indiana Conference objective and focus.” 







The four pillars embraced by the Indiana Conference constituency included:
1)     Mission and evangelism outreach: “We are all about this, for this is what He has called us to do.”
2)     Strengthening Adventist education for Adventist students: “We need to find a way to provide Adventist education for every church that wants to have a school.”
3)     Provide safe churches for young adults to grow into disciples.
4)     Strengthen dysfunctional or dying churches: “We want to provide small church CPR.”

Hurst shared a quote, which mirrored an urgency to work jointly and intentionally. “I now call upon presidents of conferences and men [and women] in responsible positions to set in operation every possible means by which the members of the churches may learn how to work for the perishing,” (Manuscript Releases, Vol. 4, p. 449.1).

The 2012 Indiana Conference Constituency Meting closed by 1:30 p.­m. that same day.


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Photos shared by and with permission from Gary Burns, Lake Union Conference communication director.