to the Indiana Conference of

Seventh-day Adventists   

 Seventh-day Adventism continues its humanitarian focus and encourages Indianapolis people to take their Honest Age Health Assessment. By taking this free assessment the populous can avert potential health care cost, increase each individuals quality of living and raise the level of health awareness in our community. We are challenging 100,000 people to take this assessment! 


Jesus Christ met people and blessed their health in many ways. He was interested in the sick, sorrowing and disheartened. His healing touch brought health to the forefront of conscious thought. Jesus continues to want people to live, prosper and be in health.
Adventism places high priority on family, faith and practice.
To take your free Honest Age Health assessment go to HonestAge.com. Answer the questions as truthfully as possible and receive immediate reply. Go back and answer the questions another way and see the difference just making a slight alteration in your lifestyle can make on your happiness and health!

Elder Van G. Hurst,